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It is part of CPDH's mission to advocate for a city that includes workers of the informal sector in its social dynamics and in the urban space, therefore creating more democratic spaces of interaction. We offer workers legal advice regarding their collective issues between their work and the use of the public space, not only by being present in demonstrations, but also by negotiating with the public power and proposing policies of regularization. In addition, we take individual cases related to the criminalization of vendors, which includes escorting workers during the arrests and following up on their court cases, as well as denouncing police officers shall human rights are violated in the process.


Sindicato dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras do Comércio Informal do Recife (SINTRACI - Recife's Informal Vendors Union)

We have offered SINTRACI legal support since the union was founded in 2013, defending workers and securing their rights as informal vendors. We were present in public demonstrations when they had been chased after by city inspectors and police officers, as well as in demonstrations against eviction and for the regulation and permanence at their business spots or other places that enable their economic activity. We have taken action in several cases of irregular confiscation of merchandise by city officials and of arrest and abuse by the military police, which is used at charging these workers with contempt, insubordination and resistance as ways of coercing them.

Moreover, we have attended numerous meetings with the local governance, providing the union with legal support in processes of regulation of street vending in specific areas of the city, such as in streets downtown, in surrounding areas of street markets, traditional spots for informal vending near hospitals, bus terminals and other crowded areas.

We believe everyone should have the right to work, especially those who work for themselves, either it is by choice or by chance.