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12 December /Popular Center of Human Rights

As a result of the disrespect towards public participation in the process of reviewing Recife's Master Plan - a process that was completely overthrown and manipulated by the city governance -, we have reached a peak in a charade that involved all of us who took part in the conference. All the attempts fo mediate a fair play considering all the interests at stake, the critiques to the process and to the outcomes of the Master Plan's revision, which came from several actors, were solely ignored by mayor Geraldo Júlio.


Oblivious to the history of struggles and achievements of Recife's people, the revision of the city's Master Plan was orchestrated in favor of a minority, leaving out the people who actually face the consequences of such an unequal city. Technicians forced to work for an authoritarian administration, community leaders bound to public offices and shallow promises of improving their historically forgotten areas, disregard of entities that should look after professional ethics and law enforcement, added to the collusion by the World Bank, which finances the revision of the Master Plan: all this under the wings of a company whose owners hold interests and real estate business in the city.


These were the circumstances that resulted in the proposals presented in the conference for approval. The document was conceived carelessly, not based on the technical studies that were hired, paid for but that were not even conducted at all. The City Hall ignored popular opinion and decided by itself what would be added to the document. The current version of the Master Plan intensifies Recife's urban crisis, increasing the amount of areas without environmental sanitation and allowing verticalization to blemish and clutter our neighborhoods. On top of that, it crushes the core of the Special Zones of Social Interest (ZEIS), once it sets urban and socioeconomic parameteres that will lead to the eviction of locals.


Should the proposal be approved, how is mayor Geraldo Júlio respond to the no less than 5 thousand families that depend on housing aids? What about the other 70 thousand families that also lack on housing in the city? What arguments will he possibly use to justify the losses in our historic, cultural and environmental heritages that will affect future generations? What will be left after this charade? Perhaps a city even more open to property speculation? A city where anything can be negotiated? A more unfair and completely unsustainable city, definitely!


Entities and movements that stand up for an inclusive city did not play along with this charade. We participated in the entire process, even under harsh conditions, and we will keep on fighting for a better and equal city. However, we do not wish to legitimize the city that was designed according to the proposals of Geraldo Júlio and his allies, which will be approved in this conference. We will not endorse the sell-out that will be worsened once this Master Plan is approved. We will stand firmly on the opposing side against all territorial injustices!


Entities that sign the manifest:

Actionaid Brasil / Ação Comunitária Caranguejo Uçá / Associação Metropolitana de Ciclistas do Grande Recife – AMECICLO / Associação Por Amor às Graças / Bigu Comunicativismo / Cefeminista / Central dos Movimentos Populares – CMP / Centro Dom Helder Câmara de Estudos e Ação Social – CENDHEC / Centro Popular de Direitos Humanos- CPDH / Coletivo A Cidade Somos Nós / Coletivo Massapê / Cooperativa Arquitetura, Urbanismo e Sociedade - CAUS / Confederação Nacional das Associações de Moradores - CONAM / Coque (R)existe / Direitos Urbanos / Em Cena Arte e Cidadania / Equipe Técnica de Assessoria, Pesquisa e Ação Social – ETAPAS / Espaço Mulher / Federação das Entidades Comunitárias do Ibura Jordão - FIJ / Federação de Órgãos para Assistência Social e Educacional – FASE / Fórum de Mulheres de Pernambuco/ Grupo Poupança Comunitária Ilha de Deus / Habitat para a Humanidade Brasil / Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Urbanístico - IBDU / Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil - IAB PE / Movimento de Luta nas Vilas, Bairros e Favelas – MLB / Movimento de Luta Popular e Comunitária – MLPC / Movimento de Luta e Resistência pelo Teto - MLRT / Movimento de Mulheres Sem Teto de Pernambuco- MMST PE / Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Teto – MTST Brasil / Movimento Nacional de Luta por Moradia – MNLM / Núcleo de Assessoria Jurídica Popular - NAJUP / Observatório das Metrópoles / Observatório de Saneamento Ambiental / Organização e Luta dos Movimentos Populares – OLMP / Ponto de Cultura Espaço Livre do Coque / Rede de Mulheres Negras / Rede Interação / Resiste Santo Amaro / Sindicato dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras do Comercio Informal do Recife - SINTRACI