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Manifesto for Recife


We believe another Recife is possible. Driven by the desire to change, we gathered to fight for the construction of this city, with effective public participation. As we see it, the Recife we dream is only possible with actual public participation; in this year of 2018, we are given a historic opportunity, with the revision of the city's master plan. A master plan is a municipal law that determines how and to whom a city is governed, and also establishes the priorities of such governance. The revision happens every ten years. Given the urban crisis we are going through, it is vital that people are at the center of the decisions, and that the power is shared with citizens. Otherwise, Recife, which already is the most unequal city in Brazil, will become absolutely unsustainable. We no longer accept to be left out! We believe we can build a city that works for us. Come join us in the construction of this new city! We give our hearts and bodies for this!


DATA: 17 July, 2018

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