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Cause lawyering

Our main field of practice is Cause Lawyering, that is, we offer legal assistance to collective causes concerning the right to the city and freedom of speech. For instance, we take part in rallies so that we can provide legal assistance in cases of arrests or if freedom of speech is violated; We work together with communities to help them organize themselves so they can rise up against eviction and fight for their right to housing; We take cases related to Urban Planning and Historic heritage, among others.

Popular education

We are also concerned with popular education. We believe that education can only benefit the actors to whom we offer our services, because this way they can learn how to use the legal and political tools to their advantage. In the regular meetings we hold in the communities that are on the verge of eviction, apart from defining prompt actions to be taken according to each situation, we also foster learning spaces. Also, whenever it is possible, we arrange workshops exclusively focused on empowering the groups, communities and movements with regard to their legal and political rights.

Political action

On top of being a group of attorneys that offer free legal advice to groups, communities and movements that are fighting for rights, we also aim at getting involved in public policies so that we can secure public participation in processes of public management and in the construction of policies that defend the right to the city and freedom of speech.


Being connected to several groups, movements and organizations is at the core of Cause Lawyering. Hence, we seek after promoting communication between similar or complementary struggles, and we are constantly involved in articulations, partnerships and networks that share our main concerns (right to the city and freedom of speech). We believe that all sides become stronger once we are together.

These are our partners: Cendhec, Habitat para a Humanidade Brasil, MTST, Centro de Cultura Luiz Freire, Rede Coque Vive, Movimento Ocupe Estelita, Troça Carnavalesca Empatando a tua Vista, Grupo Direitos Urbanos, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras do Comércio Informal, among others.

In addition, we are part of the following networks: Fórum Pernambucano de Comunicação - FOPECOM, Rede de Articulação pela Mobilidade - RAMO, Rede Nacional de Advogadas e Advogados Populares - Renap, Articulação Recife de Luta.