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Our organization came into being due to the creation of a collective of pro bono attorneys back when we were law students and began to take action in certain cases in the city. It all began in a student's union from Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, when we would go to rallies and advocate for informal workers and the right to the city.

In 2010, we assisted residents of Casarão da Tamarineira (an urban occupation formed by 21 families - about 80 people, including elders and children) in their fight for proper housing, and in 2011 we helped defending informal vendors from being abruptly removed from their work areas. In 2012, we were present in the riots against the rise of bus fares, which was met with heavy police repression; That same year, when the Bom Jesus community had its right to housing completely violated by city officials, which turned a blind eye to the necessary legal process and forced the families to evict, we also provided legal counselling. We were also there in the protests of June 2013 and became involved in Coque's fight for proper housing. In 2014, we approached Ocupe Estelita, Moscowzinho, Muribeca, and Vila Imperial. Finally, in 2015 we established ourselves as a formal organization. Since then, we have also offered assistance to other communities (Loreto, Carangueijo Tabaiares, Pilar) and integrated political networks, working side-by-side with other social organizations that fight for the right to the city: Ramo (Rede de Articulação pela Mobilidade) and Articulação Recife de Luta, which encompasses 34 groups interested in public participation in the revision of Recife's master plan.